The straightforward GRC platform for SOC 2 management. 
Achieve more, spend less on information security management

Overwhelmed with maintaining your ISMS?

We understand the drivers and unique challenges of managing SOC 2 compliance. Kordon simplifies ISMS maintenance, streamlines audits, and ensures compliance with frameworks like SOC 2, empowering you to focus on growth.

Overwhelmed with maintaining your ISMS?
Stay on top of internal compliance

Ditch spreadsheets, Take control over your information security

Kordon links SOC 2 criteria with the actual information security controls implemented at your business. With Kordon, you always know what is done, what is not done, and what needs to be done next to achieve your information security goals.

Integrated asset management

Kordon enables you to manage, monitor, and protect your business’s assets based on the level of protection needed and the actual real-time effectiveness of the security measures implemented to protect the assets.

Keep track of any type of assets
See how risks impact your assets

Continuous integrated risk management

By connecting assets with the risks they’re exposed to, you can continuously see if and how well they are actually protected. The residual risks are derived from the actual effectiveness of connected risk mitigating controls.

Audit ready at all times

When a control is not working as designed, you need to know immediately instead of waiting for an audit. Kordon will draw your attention to failing controls and point out the consequences in terms of compliance and risk. You can then plan, schedule and assign corrective actions directly in context.

Audit ready at all times
Streamline the external audit

Streamline the external audit

Kordon has all your controls mapped to SOC 2 criteria, making it easy to demonstrate what you are doing to meet specific requirements. From one year to the next, as your controls evolve, you will always have that structure to keep things organized.